Our home and pet sitting is a personal service built upon trust and an organized, professional client based service. We realize the last thing you want to worry about is your home or pets and we make every effort to build confidence in our business relationship. Being away from home and entrusting your residence or pets with others to watch is worrisome.

Established in 2004, Liberty Home And Pet Services, LLC has been serving the Naples, Marco Island, and most of Collier County helping home and pet owners care for their most prized possessions when they are away.



It’s common for a friend, family, or neighbor to check on things but is this really the best person or process to protect your home and pets? Below a just a few of the reasons you should be using a professional for your home and pet services.

  • Security for your home and pets watching over them.
  • No imposition on friends/family to monitor your home or pets.
  • Confidence and reliability in a professional making regular visits.
  • Convenience in getting quick response and at irregular times via 24 hr cell phone access.
  • Pet health is optimized keeping them in their own, stress-free environment.
  • Floral care for those having invested in their plants and greenery.
  • Additional errand and client services at reasonable prices.
  • Follow up calls, emails, or even digital photos if requested.
  • American Pet First Aid, Certified & CPR trained.


At Liberty Home and Pet Services we present our services in an organized and professional style that brings confidence to any home or pet owner… as if you never left home. Our business focuses on a professional, organized client service and interface. We even go a little overboard to ensure there is a clear and mutual understanding of the needs and expectations for our services. We feel strongly about our business interface thus we also strictly adhere to the following business practices:

  • Service contracts are required for all functions to ensure complete understanding for all services.
  • If we feel we cannot offer a 100% satisfactory experience, we will decline a business agreement.
  • Every visit is customized for every client and every pet.
  • Absolutely NO outside persons are given any interface or personal information unless authorized by the client.


The MOST important quality standard is our commitment to your safety! Liberty Home and Pet Services is Licensed, Insured, Bonded, and Limited Liability Corporation in the state of Florida. (Forms available upon request). To ensure a safe and reliable business interface, we start with a client interview creating home, client, and pet profiles to fully understand and record the needs and expectations for our services. After our visits we follow with written summaries, email, and even digital photos if requested.

Below is a list of quality standards we use in our daily business. There are certainly others but these are a few of our requirements to ensure a reliable business interface:

  • Licensed, bonded, insured, limited liability corporation.
  • Experience in caring for home and pet safety.
  • Make a pre-visit consultation to gather detailed info before the visit.
  • Provide a service contract upon business agreement.
  • Provide wide range of business hours and easy communications.
  • Accept any suggestions or critiques from clients.
  • Make great effort to prevent disclosure of the home/pet owner's absence.
  • Provide contingency plans in case of emergencies.
  • Maintain ongoing training in home and pet services.


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