Liberty Home And Pet Services is here to make your life easier and lower your stress levels. We are fully bonded so if you need to process any financial items we can do that for you. Need small errands or visits? Let us know!


We are able to provide numerous additional convenience oriented services. Inevitably people are not able to get back to their homes on time, meet people, or simply limited due to weather or other unpredictable functions. Liberty Home and Pet Services is able to certainly ready to help out! A quick list of our convenience benefits include the following:

  • We can let in maintenance people, realtors, potential new home buyers/renters.
  • We can provide basic home inspection and visitation review - did someone leave your rental unit a mess? We are able to document and photograph any such incidences.
  • Weather damage? - we can coordinate services or repairs with Licensed, Bonded, and Insured companies in the area.
  • Simply worried about your home? Liberty Home and Pet Services is able to check on your home externally at any hour, take digital photos, and pass on info at any time.
  • We can pick up food, medical supplies, or other simple errands for homes with family members that have restricted travel.
  • House plants and floral care are an everyday function - don't worry about a thing!
  • Lawn care, pool services, air conditioning checkups, and even package acceptance is possible. Nearly any service can easily be coordinated by us - just let us know what your need!



Sometimes you just cannot break away for even the simplest of tasks. Give us a call! We can run simple errands, or complex ones...let us know your needs - we can help!

  • Daily errands such as preparing and mailing packages, dry cleaning pick-up or drop off, video returns, pharmacy pick-up are all possible.
  • We are licensed and bonded so we are able to make bank deposits/withdrawals.
  • We can courier insurance documents, financial instruments, legal papers.
  • Grocery shopping is a snap - tell us what you need.
  • Gift buying is second nature. If you need a woman's view (or even a man's perspective) we can come along and guide you into the right personal, birthday, wedding, or baby gift.
  • Elderly assistance, moving errands, mother-to-be help, basic airport drop-off/pick-up are all possible.


There is NO worry about having us come in your house. Liberty Home and Pet Services is Licensed, Insured, and Bonded. (References available upon request)

NO outside persons are given ANY entrance to your property or information about your travels without your written or verbal consent! Liberty Home and Pet Services is VERY strict about your security!


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