Liberty Home and Pet Services gives back ...your time that is. We know how hard it is to meet the needs of family, home, and work. If you travel much, or have a secondary home outside Florida, we understand how it is even more difficult to get the simplest of tasks done. We can help!


We are also able to help out disabled folks that need a little hand once in a while. Some of our functions include:

  • Simple check on home and comfort level of the person.
  • Survey grocery needs and supplies and review pharmacy needs/refills.
  • Audit work done by other contractors and forward observations and photos if needed.
  • Set up reservations for special trips, excursions, hotels.


We are able to provide basic cleaning services as well as customized cleaning needs. Some include:

  • Vacuum and furniture dusting, washing and waxing tile floors, window washing.
  • Wiping down window sills, spot wiping cupboards, doors, and frames.
  • Washing and changing bedding if needed.
  • Cleaning the fridge and stove.
  • Once completed we will document all functions completed. All supplies that need replenishing will be noted as well.


It is often difficult to find the right contractor to work around your schedule, especially if you are traveling or out of town. For repairs, equipment replacement, or home inspections, we are able to be there to oversee such activities. Additional work we can provide includes:

  • Arrange for multiple quotes on jobs.
  • Verify references, licenses, insurance information if needed.
  • Control contractor entrance/exit access noting all times in and out.
  • On small jobs (1-4 hours) oversee or even assist.
  • Make quality reviews, or make daily review, on work done and forwarding digital photos for approvals.


We provide rental services to realtors and owners. Some include:

  • Provide summary review of home status upon move out or move in of renters. We can also ensure renter is adhering to lease terms through periodic home checks.
  • Collect keys, hand over keys, do cursory home inspection regarding cleaning, damage, or repairs needed.
  • Advise owners of preventative maintenance and oversight of lawn work, pest control, and pool maintenance.
  • Provide interim response to emergencies to ensure safety for the owners.
  • Coordinate making new keys, changing locks, reset security systems, obtaining new gate openers, act is go-between on paper signings.
  • Give inventory reports before and after lease/rentals and purchase/re-stock inventories for the property.
  • Arrange and track deliveries.
  • Produce digital photos for ads and insurance purposes.


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