Did you know that some insurance policies REQUIRE home monitoring during the owners absence? Not only do you reduce the chance for theft but in case of burst pipes, flooding, storm damage or other mishaps, you can meet your insurance policy needs as being reasonable and responsive. Don't worry ....Liberty Home and Pet Services is able to help you out with planned, or unplanned, departures from your residence.


We are not a licensed home inspector but we are certainly able to provide a basic home review and checks for obvious needs and response. Some functions are noted below:

  • Exterior and interior security checks and security system verification.
  • Heating, AC, humidistat, basic electrical service, telephone line, simple water and drainage checks.
  • Verify irrigation timers, pool filter timers and water levels.
  • Check for pest infestation, oversee lawn maintenance, driveways, walkways.
  • Check light timers, take in mail, papers, and parcels.
  • Automobile start, run, and test drives to ensure complete batter charge and prevent tire flat spots.
  • Boat care maintenance coordination through licensed service center.
  • Hurricane/tropical storm basic tie down services.
  • Home re-start service making last minute checks/re-sets for the owner or new guests including adjust A/C, lights, blinds, light vacuum and dusting, re-set furniture outside, simple stocking of refrigerator.
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People fail to realize that an occupied home is a safe home. Your home appears lived in to any possible intruder....they simply move on to the next home...that does not look lived in! A quick list of some of our security functions include the following:

  • We rotate lights, pick up papers, pick up mail, set out trash giving a truly lived in appearance.
  • No imposition on friends/family to monitor your home or pets.
  • We can photograph and email any information needed such as damage or repaires.
  • You can reach us 24 hours via cell phone or standard phone numbers listed below.
  • We are licensed, insured, and bonded - there is simply no worries about our service!


Below are a few simple, but often forgotten items, to prepare your home for upcoming travels:

  • Light timers: Buy and install simple light timers that randomly turn on and off lights (@$10).
  • Night lights: Buy and plug in low wattage flourescent lights in halls and entrys. On your return you have a clear view and they take only 5-10 watts of electricity (@$1/month each).
  • Motion Detector Lights: Buy and have installed outdoor motion lights covering the back and side yards.
  • Ants/Bugs: These critters find goodies where you never thought! Be sure to vacuum 100% of the home plus under couches, beds, and pantrys. Also, place down ant traps.
  • Car Battery Disconnect: Parked cars will usually discharge the battery in about 30-60 days. Either disconnect the battery or buy a simply cigarette lighter plug trickle charger (@$20 at most auto parts stores).
  • Mold Prevention: Spray the furnace filters, and around the room basboards, with Lysol and ask the home sitter to do so weekly - this will help tremendously in prevent musty smells.


Below is a quick summary of items we recommend our customers that travel or are out of town do whenever leaving their homes. This is not a complete list but a good starting point.

  • Light timers on
  • All doors locked
  • All windows locked
  • "Charley Bars" installed on patio/balcony doors
  • Spare keys hidden out of sight
  • Spare keys hidden outside should be removed
  • Garage door openers in vehicles removed & hidden
  • Garage to home entry doors locked via key lock
  • Move stereo, video, and computer equipment away from windows
  • Don't draw all blinds! (keep home looking lived in)
  • Use answering machines (verify codes for remote message retrieval)
  • All legal documents removed & stored off-site (never allow for identy theft!)
  • Hot water heater turn off
  • Ice maker, refrigerator turn off
  • Furnace/AC reset (but NOT turned off)
  • Water valves off
  • Flush toilets one last time (clears out lines)
  • Disconnect TV & cable box
  • Bring pool/lanai furniture into protective area
  • Advise community gate keeper if a home/pet sitter will be arriving
  • Confirm lawn maintenance
  • Continue mail/newspapers IF someone will retrieve them (looking lived in)


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