This page is dedicated to the latest news and activities at Liberty Home And Pet Services, LLC and is linked through from our home page at We want to keep your informed of all the latest info for your pets and home via this section so please be sure to check back here often. This page will likely be long so please allow it to fully load in your browser.


We have expanded our emergency support sections with several important materials included.

Our Emergency planning section includes the locations of emergency shelters in Collier County, volunteer and donation facilities, utility contacts, and counseling centers HERE.

Our government facility section includes a huge list of government offices and operations such as FEMA, NOAA for weather, county offices, disaster assistance offices, and Red Cross operations HERE. THINGS YOU NEVER WANT TO SEE ON YOUR DOG FOOD LABEL - The things You NEVER want to see on Your Dog Food Label... "Nutrition plays an extremely important role in your dog's overall health and life span, just as it does with humans. What all living, breathing beings eat, matters. The trick is figuring out exactly what you are feeding your dog when you look at a pet food label! For more info click HERE. MARCIA BREITHAUPT AWARDED NAPPS FULL CERTIFICATION - Owner of Liberty Home And Pet Services, Marcia Breithaupt, has recently completed and been awarded her full certification for NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) as a fully certified Professional Pet Sitter.

This certification provides tools and support to foster the success of member businesses, promotes the value of pet sitting to the public, and advocates animal welfare. This certification acknowledges the pet sitter is a serious professional who has obtained a high level of expertise through personal study with a broad range and in-depth course study assuring pet owners of a meaningful credential.


I have measured the pavement temperatures over 140 degrees in early June and this will DEFINITELY create paw burns on most dogs. Read my temperture study soon to be published. Unfortunately our temperture data shows multiple dangers including sidewalks, brick, blacktop, and even car interiors that can injure any animal. Should a burn occur, we have also listed several actions to take to address the burns.







Naples Dog Park NAPLES DOG PARK OFFICALLY OPEN BUT STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP - The Naples Dog Park has been open since March and provides a fabulous area for small and big dogs. Providing over one acre for large dogs and one third acre for our smaller pups it is just a fantastic area to burn off all that energy.

It is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Goodlette Frank Rd and Central Avenue. To view the exact address on Google maps click HERE.

Since this facility is tax-free to the citizens it continues to need your financial and maintainence help. For more information on the park and how to support it click HERE.

It has been years in the making but we simply outgrew our old web site. We have COMPLETELY rebuilt the site to increase the amount of content plus make it easier to navigate for people new to our business and existing friends and customers. If there are any additions to the site you would like to see please let us know! Cool new additions and changes are noted below:

  • Static menu system viewable on many smartphone type mobile phone browsers.
  • Front page "QuickNews" links you can scan and then link to inside pages for the full story.
  • Live calendar to make your service date plans.
  • Press page for Public Relations and the media with Social and New Media links.
  • GREATLY expanded pet resources section.
  • Community and government information links to sites we all often need to use.
  • Incredible maps and weather information for our working area.
  • Embeded live updates from showing adoptable or lost pets for that day.


We are thrilled with the great news of the Naples Dog Park being approved by the City Council on May 18, 2010. It will open to all the public as no fees and off-leash. It will be located just off of Riverside circle near the intersection of Goodlette Rd and 41. The group has done an incredible job at fund raising but if you can help everything is appreciated to build out the fences, a nice covered area, and drinking fountains.

CLICK-HERE to link directly to the web site dedicated to the park.

CLICK-HERE to link to the Naples News story from the May 19 paper.


Collier county is now an "anti-tethering" county. Dogs may no longer be chained and left alone. Dogs may only be tethered or chained with a responsible party in sight to oversee the animal’s welfare. Additionally, a number of safety precautions must be met such as requirements a tethered dog be six months or older and healthy. The Dangerous Dog Appeals Panel has been eliminated and replaced with the Special Magistrate now responsible for all appeals.

Regarding Trap, Neuter, Release, TNR will allow participating caregivers and DAS to ensure feral cats are spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies and to register feral colonies thus allowing for constant monitoring with the goal of reducing the number of feral cats in Collier County.

CLICK-HERE to view the official release from the county (Adobe Acrobat PDF reader required to view).


Delta Society focuses on the bond between human and animals and push to improve the lives of the disabled. Be sure to CLICK-HERE to read more about Delta Society activities. Their four key mission points are:

  • Educate healthcare and other professionals on how to incorporate animals into goal-directed treatment or visiting animal activities to improve the lives of those they serve.
  • Provide 'gold standard' therapy animal curriculum and training and inspire people to volunteer with their pets in their local communities.
  • Empower individuals with disabilities to maximize their quality of life by providing service animal related information and resources.
  • Advance knowledge about research which reflects how interactions with animals have a positive effect on human lives.


Our little baby Sheltie Rosi has been a registered Therapy Dog for five years now and is a hit at local assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, and Compassionate Friends of Naples family group therapy sessions. We bring Rosi as a support to the community and her return of infinite love for a few treats is remarkable. Please call us any time to have the healing paws of Rosi's therapy session at (239)-580-0300. For more information on Therapy Dogs Incorporated be sure to CLICK-HERE.


Starting April 30, 2010 you can buy stamps at the post office that help to buy food for shelter pets. Learn more at STAMPS TO THE RESCUE .


Liberty Home and Pet Services is proud to promote the new "Pet ID For Me" tags for animals. These ID tags offer full identification of your pet in a protective laminated plastic sleeve and on a strong key-ring design. Simply go to their web site,, enter the text information for your pet (Name, address, contact info, etc) and even upload a personalized photo. Everything is then outputted to a great ID tag which is then sent to you for $20, a very affordable price.

We strongly support this product since they forward $5 of the fee to the local spay/neuter clinic. Liberty Home and Pet Services endorses the Collier Spay Neuter Clinic located on Immokolee Rd in northeast Naples. CLICK-HERE to learn more about Collier Spay Neuter please see their web site as well.





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