There is nothing more important than satisfied clients! Not only for the home and pet owner but also for the pets. When you see those tails wagging every time you enter the clients home you know you are appreciated. Although the word "value" is often overused, it clearly states that you have received a great service at a reasonable price. If it is a pet...what is more satisfying than that "smile"? Below are a few of our pet guests and some of their stories.

Here is Callie the Cat from Portland, Oregon. This summer she was chosen to be a calendar cat for the ASPCA calendar. 

She is a real Sweetheart as all Callicos are. She rides on the plane from Portland to Naples and back playing on all the airline flight attendents hearts. She loves to spend her winters in the Florida climate taking in the fresh air and birds hanging around outside.

She loves her crazy catnip pouches I take her and greets me at the door every time I visit. 

One of our favorite visits is to Chubbs and Mr. Lucky, a dog and cat family that are best of friends.

Chubbs is full of energy but once we walk him around the nearby lake he is thrilled to get back to his soft bed at home. He is always well mannered and jumps up and down and up and down like a spring when we come to visit. When the leash comes out he runs in circles so excited to go out.

Mr. Lucky is a wonderful cat who always greets us at the door looking for rubs and scratches. He follows us around just waiting for treats but he is never afraid to rub against us....his sign for scratches.

These are just two fantastic animals well taken care of and we only wish more owners would pamper their animals like them.

Just look at the face of Percy the cat. He is so happy we came to take care of him!

Bear and Gracie are always hanging around waiting for us to show up with our special cat treats!

Who would name their dog "Google"?! Why a dog that is so smart it is scary! Google also is skilled in "searching" for his toys. Another reason we call him the "Search Engine".

Honie is always hangin' out waiting for his parents to get home. Oh wait....that's Marcia from Liberty Home And Pet Services....I think I will sit up on this table and wait now!

Tigger is one of the most calm cats in the world...just let me cool out under this chair for now....

Tomma is one cool cat. The has his own "pad", a custom made shelf so he can keep an eye on things while the folks are away.

Now here is a family of interesting animals!

First is "Purr" who is over 20 years old. She is unbelievably small at about 5 pounds looking more like a kitten than a 20 year old cat. She is in remarkably good health and loves to cuddle.

Next is "Karma". She gets up on your lap and emits a calming effect thus her prefectly fitting name. What a dreamy cat.

Finally is "Sky". She is incredibly loving victim of cancer thus the three legged stance. She hops around fabulously and is a bundle of love trying to push all 100 pounds of her frame on your lap. At night she challenges you for bed space but she deserves it.

Sky is one of our favorite "fee good" dogs. After you see her copy with live our problems look small.

Jen and Ben Custis are proud parents of three Minature Pinchers, Penny, Bijous, and Tiki. They are bundles of energy and love and we get chuckles every time we go to visit them.

Penny (the elder) keeps up with the kids and she is always waiting for her "secret formula" treats that we at LHAPS use for our customers.

Here is our "big lunk" full of love, Madison. She first appears as your typical wound up Golden Retriever but she just wants to be walked and given some attention.

Everyday she is at the door when she hears us arrive and is ready for her walk rain or shine.

Lexi Jenkins has to be the sweetest, and probably one of the smartest, Boxers in the world. She is constantly in "play mode" and does not have a vicous bone in her body.

Notice the photogenic pose...what a ham.

Now here are a couple of camera hogs....Max and Molly O'Malley. Max and Molly are brother and sister 12 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

They love their noon walks because they know if they are good they get their favorite beef and lamb filet treats. Talk about spoiled though...they have their own room, couch, pillows, and blankets in "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel" decor!

The photo below was taken before they had their treats. They were tired of waiting. The top photo was taken after they had their grooming. Don't they look precious!

What we won't do for our animals!! Jack and Rose Dyer, a pair of Corgies, are so willing to dress up...they seem to almost like it!

When we come to visit them, they go nuts to play some ball but are just angels when they sit and wait for a lamb filet treat!

Just look at those eyes....Sam just loves us!

Sam Cheslar, a 10 year old pug, crys when we leave. Sam never takes treats from anyone but he just inhales our Liberty Home and Pet Services Lamb treats, one of our little personal services to all our clients.


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