Unfortunately our southwest Florida weather paradise turns ugly once in a while so we need to be prepared to evacuate the area or at least move to safer shelter. The Collier County area has many options for people but limited options for shelter that includes our pets. Below we note the plans you need to have in effect BEFORE attempting to enter a shelter with your pets and the shelters in our area that welcome pets.


At Liberty Home and Pet Services want to make sure you were ready for an inclement weather.

CLICK-HERE for our Emergency Planning Quick Reference Flier top help you quickly organize and plan for any weather or evacuation emergencies. Our checklist of safety precautions and plans is a good starting point but you should certainly build out plans for your own safety as well as your pets.

CLICK-HERE for additional help with our complimentary copy of the Disaster Preparedness Guide for Pet Owners from NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) which nicely summarizes key information for pet owners living in hurricane, tornado, thunderstorm, extreme heat, flood, and fire prone areas. CLICK-HERE to download this document.

CLICK-HERE to download the "Saving the Family" guide from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). It is a great 16 page quick reference for handling emergencies before, during, and after an event.

CLICK-HERE to download the HUGE 423 page AVMA emergency response guide. It covers nearly every kind of animal and how to treat them. This is definitely a veterinary class material but is a great guide to really understand every step of the emergency response.

DETAILED EMERGENCY PLANNING - For more detailed emergency planning information feel free to download the complete (large) emergency planning document created by the National Association Of Professional Pet sitters (NAPPS).

QUICK REFERENCE FLIER - We built a quick one page flier with the most critical bullet list including disaster preparedness, evacuation planes, a disaster supply kit, and even some quick cutout emergency pet ID cards that can go in your wallet or with your pets or guardian. This flier downloads quickly in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.




Should disaster hit, don't forget your pets! As you know, many people were caught off guard with hurricanes in Florida in 2004/2005. You need to be prepared - most shelters would not even allow pets! They had to stay home alone in hopes they survived the storms. The Humane Society of Collier County does not provide boarding services and cannot shelter your pet. Domestic Animal Services has taken in pets (under rare circumstances) for evacuees but you must contact DAS FIRST at (239)-530-7387.

If you didn't have materials ready for them, they had to be left behind. Some Humane society's sell such kits. Shown here is the Collier County Humane Society kit. In preparation for the worst (which we hope never happens) an emergency "pet kit" is highly recommended. You can assemble your own using a moderately strong container (a camping cooler for example), you should place the following items inside:

  • Spare pet leashes and collars.
  • Copies of vet records and medications.
  • Small blanket and toys.
  • Container of litter.
  • Plastic waste bags.
  • A 7 day supply of food and treats and drinking water if possible.
  • Complete documents regarding the disposition of the animal ownership should you not return (relative or friend that should take ownership).


For LHAPS customers in the Naples area, we STRONGLY recommend you pre-register for emergency shelter space for your pet via the Domestic Animal Services of Collier County.

CLICK-HERE to pre-register today and please do NOT put it off!



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