When traveling needs arise pet owners have been faced with the choice of animal boarding versus home care and it can be a tough one. Liberty Home and Pet Services does not discourage the boarding process...we have done it many times with our own pets.

Unfortunately there are many cases where boarding does not work out as well as in-home care and we are here to help you out.


Some of the typical functions for a daily pet sit would include the following:

  • Exercise: A tired dog is a happy dog! Included is basic walking services for dogs.
  • Play: We provide all pets with stimulating play time to keep their spirits up and full of life's energy.
  • Feeding/Caring: We make sure food, water, and all medications are provided during our visits.
  • Security: Doors and windows are checked for security; lights, blinds, and even radios/TV's are rotated on/off for lived-in look. Trash is taken out if needed.
  • Convenience: Newspapers and mail are picked up along with house plant care.
  • Clean up: Inevitably there are small accidents or simple cleaning of little boxes.
  • Other pets: Bird and fish care are available as well.


We certainly want to sell you our services but we also want to make sure you understand the tradeoffs for each service. Boarding for some people works out fine. But you need to ensure the following points:

  • Do your pets have separation anxiety? Having people nearby all day is needed for some animals and boarding will help prevent self-inflicted injury or damage to your property if they grow frustrated.
  • If your pet is territorial and not be comfortable with a new person entering the home then boarding can make sense since this is a new environment.
  • If they are sick or of marginal health, better kennels have Vets on staff or nearby to quickly help.
  • Better kennels will want to interview you and your pet - please take the time to make sure everyone is comfortable in this relationship!. Do you know the kennel and staff well?
  • Better kennels provide clean and comfortable bedding (be sure to ask to see the cages and bedding)


Pet sitting vs. Pet travel – tips on why in-home pet sitting is often better for your animals and well being.
Travel trauma. Animals often become uncomfortable and develop motion sickness just like humans but sometimes more severe due to their inner ear balance systems being more sensitive than a humans Their natural reaction is to not eat or drink thus becoming dehydrated. It may take several days to recover.

  • Allergies: Hotel rooms often used strong cleaning chemicals which may trigger weeping, sneezing, or even asthmatic reactions. The air conditioning units are notorious for mold and mildew levels far exceeding most comfort levels for most pets and most humans can detect these problems.
  • Pet carriers: Pet carriers are very confining for any animal whether by plane or auto and can initiate claustrophobic reactions for some animals. The pet may whimper, cry loudly, or become aggressive when approached in this carrier since it is their temporary home.
  • Potty stops: Most auto rest stops have some dedicated dog areas which are good your dog may not feel comfortable going where hundreds of other smells exist. If they cannot find their mark they may not go at all creating bladder or intestinal problems if a prolonged time. Cats need their own litter box and this becomes rather tedious (and smelly) in your car. Older dogs and cats may not be able to hold it for several hours on a plane and we all know that result.
  • Getting loose: Stopping in foreign areas may create a curiosity for some animals who try to slip out of the vehicle or their carriers. Great care must be taken to keep an eye on them so they do not wander. We have all read about sad stories of animals who attempt to find their way home when in a strange place. ID tags and microchips are all critical today.
  • Shots/Vaccinations: Some cats and dogs may never travel at all. If you travel by plane nearly all airlines STRICTLY enforce vet health certifications with shots. Arriving at the airport without your pet paperwork in order can cost hundreds of dollars because you simply will not be boarding without these.
  • Climate: Pets that have grown up in the home or in warm climates may have very negative results experiencing cold northern climates for their first time. This may be a physical inconvenience but can also be emotional for them.
  • Hotel acceptance: Many hotels do not accept pets or only have a few rooms for pet owners. This may be a surprise and even a disaster if you make last minute travels. Once admitted, these surroundings are often noisy or so unnatural your pet may stay awake the night making it a sleepless night for the owners.
  • Sedatives: Unfortunately, some animals do not travel well at all and need to be sedated. This can be dangerous for older pets and even kill them if their systems are not tolerant of these drugs.
  • Safety: Keeping your pet in its home and having a professional pet sitter often brings safety for the homeowner. Instead of an empty home for a week, you have a professional person that is able to oversee your home while you are away. For owners of large dogs, your live-in “burglar alarm” remains on guard full time.


There is no place like home! Animals often view the kennel as humans view the hospital...not an inviting place and most do not like to go. For the home owners, there remains concerns as well with boarding. Below we list some benefits to sitting in your home:

  • Stress: The pet is not forced into new, often loud, surroundings.
  • Diet: Their diet is unchanged.
  • Illness: They are not exposed to other animals that may have a disease.
  • Exercise: Your pet gets walks outside and play time keeping them mentally alert.
  • Travel trauma: Traveling to a kennel can be stressful for dogs and any kind of motion can upset cats.
  • Imposition: You don't need to impose on friends, relatives, or neighbors.
  • Security: Daily home checks are done by default with each visit. Simply showing activity makes your home uninteresting for most thief's.
  • Peace of Mind: You know you can always reach someone that is watching over you loved ones.
  • Special Services: Additional small services such as plant care and bringing in mail/papers is included. If you need anything else, we can often provide little things.


Our industry can be competitive but like many businesses, quality is often lacking. Even if you do not chose Liberty Home and Pet Services, you need to ask the following questions for your home and pet's health and safety:

  • Is the sitter Licensed, Insured, and Bonded? (ask for paper copies)
  • What associations and certifications does the sitter hold? (ask for copies)
  • Can they provide references? (do not be afraid to ask)
  • Is the sitter pet health certified should a pet need ongoing or emergency attention?
  • Does the sitter provide in-home grooming, walking, or other maintenance services?
  • Does the sitter provide a written contract spelling out all services and fees?
  • Does the sitter have 24 hour contact via cell phone and email?
  • Is the sitter able to make extended visits or unplanned visits should you be late upon return?
  • Does the sitter interview and fully document all home and pet needs for the client?
  • Does the sitter provide detailed, post-visit written summary of their work?


We don't like to brag but we feel confident we offer some of the best services possible for the price. Some of our benefits include:

  • Love: We love animals! This is a business for us but we also have an affection for God's "furry kids."
  • Confidence: We are Licensed, Insured, Bonded, and Limited Liability
  • Paperwork: We strongly believe in pre-visit interviews, contractual agreements, and post-visit follow up documents.
  • Little favors: If you need little favors such as late visits or run an errand, we are out often so we can factor these in free of charge if they fit in our day.
  • Honesty: We may even turn down business. If we feel we cannot meet the client's expectations, we will politely turn away business.
  • No overbooking's: If we do not have time for proper care we will tell you.
  • Easy service: Once we have established a service relationship, future visits are all referenced on file so we can easily re-visit without further communication.


In order to provide the best service possible, we would appreciate if you could help us with the following requests getting set up for your travels:

  • Please inform us as early as possible to prevent timing conflicts, especially around holidays.
  • Inform us of all needs, even minor, your pet might need (favorite toys, etc).
  • Inform us of all unusual habits (changes in bowel habits when alone or destructive habits).
  • Keep pet records available should they need emergency care (vaccination status is very important).
  • Have leashes and collars properly sized (prevent pulling out of collar when walking).
  • Purchase and attach pet I. D. tags in case they run off.
  • Keep chew toys readily available.
  • Note favorite hiding places (cats love to play hide and seek).
  • Have flea medications that your pet can use (some are irritating to different animals).
  • Inform security guards/gate keeper of your travels and your pet sitters name.
  • Show the sitter the location of main water valves and circuit breaker boxes in case of emergency.
  • Full supply of poop bags, cat litter, litter box liners, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, stain remover.
  • Broom, dust pan, mop, disinfectant, can openers (for foods)


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