We take great pride in our level of professional service and client interface and believe it shows in our easy to understand pricing structures. We strive to keep a simple and flexible plan to avoid "nickel and dime" charging common with other home and pet services.

We realize “one size does not fit all” for the needs of the home and pet owner so our costs vary accordingly. Basic service rates posted below can be adjusted for the number of visits, pets, additional needs, and times of day. We offer discounts for repeat customers, multiple visits, and visits combined with overnight stays.

The following list is flexible depending upon your needs so please use it only as a starting point in estimating your costs. Be SURE to contact us for multiple day discount rates and bundles!!

Home inspection (Single Visit -or- package 3 Visits per month)
$40/visit or $100/mo./4 visits
Home improvement/repair coordination
Meet or oversee service/delivery/sales people $40/hr
Pickup/delivery of foods/home materials $40/hr
Key pickup (if not provided at consultation) $20/trip
Hurricane shutters installation/removal Call for quotation!

Each visit: up to 1 hour walks, play, feeding
$40/visit (avg 1 hr)
Multi-day rate, up to 1 hour walks, play, feeding $35/visit (avg 1 hr)
Pet pickup, vet visit, grooming visit $40/hr
In-home, overnight stay (10pm - 8am) $100/night
In-home, overnight stay + 1 daytime visit bundle $120 ($20 savings)
In-home, overnight stay + 2 daytime visit bundle $140 ($40 savings)
In-home, overnight stay + 3 daytime visit bundle $160 ($60 savings)
Key pickup (if not provided at consultation)
Pet pickup, vet visit, grooming visit, foods/materials pickups $40/hr
Email/digital photography status
Contact us


We offer a downloadable "forms set" explaining all of our services, a contract agreement, security releases, pet profiles, veterinarian releases, emergency preparedness forms, and a home visit summary at service completion. We ask that in preparation for our consultation, you download this forms set and fill out the pertinent pages in advance to keep our consultation expedient and fully informed. CLICK-HERE to go to our web page dedicated to our flier and form set.

Click here to directly download our Sales Flier.
Click here to directly download our Forms Set.


Please review other business agreement precautions below.

  • Every effort will be made to oversee your home but Liberty Home and Pet services cannot protect or prevent break-in, vandalism, or other acts of nature.
  • We do not anticipate problems but we will do our best to immediately inform you of any instances should they occur.
  • Should any fees or costs be incurred, Liberty Services will cover said costs up to $20 without contacting the client. For fees or costs above $20, Liberty Services will contact the client for approvals .
  • All pets must be non-aggressive towards people and other animals. Dogs must be leash trained and not an aggressive puller for the walker.
  • Terms above are payment due upon completion of services as concluded by the visit summary.
  • We will coordinate pick up and drop off of home/gate keys, obtain gate codes, and receive special instructions.
  • Surcharges for lengthy travel times/distances will be added but these will be discussed with the client in advance.
  • We reserve the right to not take on a client if we feel we cannot adequately meet the expectations of that client.


CRITICAL NOTE!! WE DO NOT BOARD PETS!! Several good boarding facilities exist in Collier County. Although many animals accept boarding without a problem we find a larger percentage have trouble adapting to this environment due to noise, a radical change in living area, or simply a stressful situation for older pets with everyday transporting and release to unfamiliar humans and animals. Pet boarding is not a competitive business for us but an alternative one.



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